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Designer Perfume

This interactive presentation was developed as an aid for the company's sales representatives in forming a retailer-supplier partnership and winning shelf space via product pitches. The motif of this fragrance product is the fabric insert taken from a fill collar on a dress featured on the designer's collection. The theme for the splash animation—the sequence of zooming into the model's collar on the runway and zooming back out to the matching fabric on the bottle to illustrate the source of the product's design, was provided by my employer, and I wanted to develop this concept of merging a fashion show and a perfume bottle into a full-blown interactive experience by a) putting this inanimate object on the runway stages, b) varying the stage designs to imply multi-event appearance, and c) taking the viewer through multiple stage sets to suggest spatial positioning.

The attention-grabbing device in this presentation would be its dynamic page transitions and moving backdrops of runway stages. Inspired by the Metropolitan Opera's hydraulically motorized stage complex, I wanted to reinforce the composition's theme of featuring the product on various events with the lateral panning effect and consequently approximating the motion of watching a series of moving scenery. This effect was achieved by programmatically aligning the X coordinates of each page inside and outside of the screen.

In this way I sought to dramatize the perfume's high-fashion status and display the product in a sophisticated setting that complements the brand image.


Bill Blass


Background graphics + motion graphics + page layout + GUI components + image editing + storyboard


ActionScript + Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign


  • Cosmetic Campaign